Ski Boot CLA is an measuring instrument that detects the shape of the shinbone by measuring the angles of the lower limbs very precisely. This enables ski boot canting to be adjusted without errors and objective data.


23 February 2011

Alpine ski instructors

Contacts with the first alpine ski instructors begin: positive response following measurements and adjustments, further confirmation of the quality of the idea and its efficacy.

15 January 2011

Ski Boot CLA promotion

SBC promotion continues, focusing on the Junior category Ski clubs.

1 December 2010

Ski Boot CLA is born

First Ski Boot CLA is officially born on 1 December, filing patent application EP 104 25367.9. Commercial activity to promote and sell an instrument that will revolutionise the skiing concept begins. Four Ski Boot CLAs already sold and installed in specialised laboratories inLombardyand Trentino at the end of December.