Ski Boot CLA is an measuring instrument that detects the shape of the shinbone by measuring the angles of the lower limbs very precisely. This enables ski boot canting to be adjusted without errors and objective data.
18 January 2013

Brescia Oggi - Cabra deposits a European patent that will give skiers the right "thrust"

Thank “Ski Boot Cla", the solution to best adapt your ski-boots and ski faster: Champ Marcel Hirscher the topline customer

The special customer is Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher, a champion of the "white circus", fresh with his new victory Sunday last on the snow of Adelboden (Switzerland). A victory that is also owed to the "thrust" of a novelty from "camuna" (Camonica Valley, the name locals go by), conceived by the ski trainer and teacher from Tonale, Riccardo Paganini, and manufactured and marketed by Cabra Engineering Srl, owned by Leno-native Francesco Cabra: the Company's legal office is in Darfo Boario, while its manufacturing plant is located in Rogno (BG).

WE'RE TALKING about the "Ski Boot Cla", a laser instrument to measure leg tilt, canting angle for the English folks, ankle and calf consistency, in order to separately adapt the ski-boot to the right and left limbs, which differ from the legs of other athletes. "This means," explains Cabra, "less pain and risk for those who practice the sport with passion, precious hundredths of a second for competing athletes. Hirscher knows this well, the first pioneer to have faith in the new invention already in 2011 for six pairs of ski-boots, three for Slalom and three for Giant Slalom. It obviously is the specialists' task to draw the adjustments". The European patent, ready to become international, has been deposited since December 2010. Only thirty "measurers" have been sold thus far between Northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria; buyers can be technicians, stores, who are advised to charge a fee for the service from 40 to 60 Euro, but also private customers, seeing there is a portable model if one wishes to take it along on the track. The average cost is 2,100 Euro. "Actually," explains Cabra, owner of the Company established in 2002, "both the price and aesthetics will improve in relation to how business develops, also pointing heavily on internationalization. Much of our hopes are invested in Ispo, the world fair for sports equipment held in Munich we will be attending in February". Sales abroad currently are worth 5% of our turnover; after UAE, our target is Southeast Asia, especially Singapore.

THERE'S A SECOND patent deposited by the Company from the Camonica Valley, until 2010 under the banner "We design your ideas", exclusively for industrial project-based design in each sector. A further development tied to the decision to tackle the challenge of a market, also becoming a manufacturer (the Ltd. relies on a staff of 24 between employees and outsourced workers). Registered in May 2011, the "Hltw Leak test", part of the activities and products for testing resistance of components with gas or liquid, is a machine to measure alloy rims. The new efforts have reaped concrete results: starting with a positive trend in sales (1.4 million Euro in 2012), not too far off from the peak profits registered in the Company's best years, a new increase in investments (the highest point reached in 2008, with 600 thousand Euro; 180 thousand Euro in the last year), with debt showing a downward trend.

Bresciaoggi 18/01/2013