Ski Boot CLA is an measuring instrument that detects the shape of the shinbone by measuring the angles of the lower limbs very precisely. This enables ski boot canting to be adjusted without errors and objective data.
18 January 2013

Giornale di Brescia - La Cabra flies on flying skis laser-adjusted boots

Darfo, the Ski-Boot-Cla tested by Austrian skier Hirscher. The machine adjusts the tilt of the ski-boot

Brescia. That millimeter more of tilt can make all the difference. In World Cup races, just as on a quiet Sunday of leisure track skiing. We're talking about ski-boots, the pleasure and pain of every skier, professional or downright amateur. Their tension, adjustment and, above all, tilt determines ski performance on the track, downhill speed, energy expenditure and feet pain, a factor that can't be neglected.

This is the reason for the great stir aroused by the new patent of Cabra Engineering, a Company from Darfo Boario Terme with manufacturing plant in Rogno (Italy), which last year began marketing the Ski Boot Cla, a hi-tech equipment item to adjust boot tilt that allows the skier to perfectly align boot tilt with its hull.
"It’s not just people who are different one from the other, even our right leg is different from our left one," explains engineer Francesco Cabra, owner of Cabra Engineering. "Ski Boot Cla is an instrument to accurately detect, with the aid of a laser system, the skier's leg morphology and that applies this measure to canting or, in other words, the perpendicular axis of the boot compared to the ground. Even the slightest tilt of the boot changes direction of the skis and much effort is wasted trying to adjust them, while leg pain increases".
But a different tilt of the boot especially improves the skier's performance on track. The first to embrace this belief is Austrian skiing champ, Marcel Hirscher. In the summer of 2011, the athlete underwent measuring sessions with the Ski Boot Cla (a professional skier's leg angle is wider than average) and then adjusted the ski-boots as instructed by Cabra Engineering. The results obtained have been very promising.
Ski Boot Cla is born out of an idea of Riccardo Paganini, ski trainer and teacher from Tonale. The concept was patented at the end of 2011 and was first marketed in 2012. The machine's structure is formed by aluminum profiles that have a digital goniometer applied to their base and two laser pointers to measure the athlete's leg angle. "The canting angle to give to the boot can be adjusted depending on the type of race," explains Cabra.  "The machine is on sale for the price of 2,100 Euro and we have thus far sold thirty of them. It's the ideal instrument for specialized stores, labs, servicemen, ski-booters and World Cup teams".
But the great "commercial leap" will come next November, with the product's appearance at the Monaco Ispo fair.
With Ski Boot Cla, Cabra Engineering makes its official entrance into a new sector, sports equipment. The Company headed by Francesco Cabra has a staff of 26 employees (including outsourced workers) and sales for about 1.5 million Euro. It is specialized in test performance, numerical measurements and develops and manufactures solutions for resistance tests, as well as prototypes for the automotive, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical industries. 95% of its sales are made in Italy, but the new Ski Boot Cla opens its outreach to new horizons and great business opportunity.

Giornale di Brescia 18/01/2013