Ski Boot CLA is an measuring instrument that detects the shape of the shinbone by measuring the angles of the lower limbs very precisely. This enables ski boot canting to be adjusted without errors and objective data.
18 January 2013

Il Giorno - The recipe to solve the ski-boot recession

The trend is up thanks to two new patents

INVESTING in product development to get past the crisis. It's what Cabra Engineering did, the Company from the Camonica Valley whose business is engineering and professional consultancy, offering solutions to further enhance products, equipment and systems.

RESULTS seem to justify this strategic decision. "In 2010, our net profits were 898,000 Euro," underlines Cabra, "in 2011 they went up to almost 1.3 million and we closed 2012 with a net profit of 1.44 million Euro, coming close to the levels achieved in 2008". And so the Company, whose sales are by 95% on the Italian market, has decided to patent two of its projects, two products that are each quite different. The flagship is the Ski Boot Cla, an instrument that allows skiers at any level of skill to improve ski control, both in terms of curving performance and speed control "It's a machine that thanks to two lasers and a digital goniometer can, first of all, measure the leg angle compared to the horizontal plane and therefore the tilt angle of the ski-boot and, finally, adjust and re-measure the boot's angle, so that it accurately mimics the natural angle of your leg". The idea came to Francesco Cabra while talking with Riccardo Paganini, a ski teacher from Tonale. "A device like this one basically didn't exist before," explains Cabra, "so we started developing one", The investment in R&D, the patent and its marketing plan was worth about 200,000 Euro. Targeted customers are both those who practice skiing for pure enjoyment (it can be purchased by privates just as by owners of stores that sell sports articles, at a price of 2,100 Euro) and by professional athletes. "We contacted Austrian skier Marcel Hirscher through one of our agents," explains Cabra, "and since summer 2011 we have started working together”.

WHO IS 23 year-old Marcel Hirscher? He currently is the most talented skier in the world. Time will tell, but the first signs seem good. "The second refers to a specific machine for resistance tests on light alloy rims, using the "vacuum chamber" technology," says Cabra. "This generation of machines can recover the helium used for the test, without affecting the machine's productivity. We are presently still looking for customers to show us their trust and help us transform this project into reality".

January 18, 2013

Il Giorno 18/01/2013