Ski Boot CLA is an measuring instrument that detects the shape of the shinbone by measuring the angles of the lower limbs very precisely. This enables ski boot canting to be adjusted without errors and objective data.
14 January 2013

La Gazzetta dello Sport - The secret of Hirscher: an Italian patent

"I changed only 1 mm in boots" says Marcel. Thanks to an innovative examination

The secret behind the Austrian athlete dominance at the Tonale... is the comment of today's Gazzetta dello Sport. 
Below is the full article.

"What have I changed to win more? One millimetre in the preparation of the boots." After the success in the slalom inZagreb, a week ago, Marcel Hirscher has unveiled one of the ingredients of this fabulous season (4 wins and 5 other podium finishes in 10 technical races) and it seems that an Italian patent is involved. It's called "Ski boot CLA", is a tool that allows to detect the morphology of the legs and that applies this measurement in the ski boot canting (i.e. the perpendicular axis of the upper shell with respect to the ground). Also used by the Austrian athlete.

How it works "Every person is different, not only, but even the right leg is different when compared to the left, knowing this I invented this tool which allows detecting the morphology of the legs -says Riccardo Paganini, coach and ski instructor who works at the Tonale and who was born in Busto Garolfo, inventor of the Ski Boot CLA- In December 2010, I patented the device in collaboration with an engineering office in Rogno, in the province of Bergamo".

The concept Nothing complicated, the concept consists of a base, several aluminium profiles that allow the movement of moving parts, a digital protractor and two laser pointers that measure the angle of the legs of the athletes and of the ankle/calf system, then adjusting the boots accordingly. All for obtaining ultra personalized and precise fitting: the benefits for skiing are important.

Tests The idea has won Hirscher's father, Ferdinand, very present in the technical choices of his child (for example, it seems that before the giant slalom on Saturday his was the suggestion of moving the attack towards the tip of the skis for more manoeuvrability and speed).  And in summer 2011 Marcel was subjected to measurements at home, then adjusting the materials based on his morphology, for example, the angle of the leg of the giant and slaloms champion is more open when compared to the average. "It only takes one measurement to know the exact calibration to be applied -explains Paganini- then we intervene only once, so is up to athletes, their technicians or companies to adjust the concerned materials".